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Changing The River's Flow

Changing The River's Flow (CTRF)

The SAfAIDS Changing The River's Flow (CTRF) project was piloted in Zimbabwe in 2006 with Seke Rural Home Based Care. The CTRF programme is currently implemented in nine countries in southern Africa.

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Confronting cultural practices, beliefs and customary laws to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence (GBV) against women and girls in southern Africa.


Changing The River's Flow

  • Strengthen the capacity of GBV organisations in southern Africa to address GBV and its linkages to culture, women's rights and HIV.
  • Strengthen the capacity of communities in countries in southern Africa to redress gender inequalities that marginalise women and girls to reduce GBV through community driven strategies.
  • Strengthen advocacy and monitoring initiatives that will influence policy and practice on gender equality and gender-based violence at regional, national and community level.
  • Document and share community best practices that challenge gender dynamics in a cultural context to address GBV.

Featured success story

To date more than 500 cases on gender-based violence (GBV) have been referred to legal authorities giving credit to the impact the community sensitisation meetings and dialogues have on the communities.

Implementing countries:

South Africa

Quotes and testimonials:

"Men used to believe that HIV was brought into the family only by women's promiscuity, now we know. We promise to listen to our women for the protection of our families."