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My journey: Challenging stigma and discrimination in the workplace

Stigma and discrimination is borne of fear and ignorance which might be overcome by openness and access to information. HIV is still regarded as taboo in some of the African societies. That is why HIV positive people have challenges in getting proper jobs they are trained for and sometimes never fulfil their dreams.

SAfAIDS Executive Director’s Statement on World AIDS Day 2016

2016 has fast come and gone! We are now in December, the last month of 2016. As in past years, the 1st of December is a day when the whole world commemorates World AIDS Day. SAfAIDS joins the rest of the world today in standing together and walking the Ending AIDS by 2030 journey with zest. This is the day that we need to raise awareness about HIV and demonstrate our commitment and solidarity to all efforts being done in the global HIV response.

Positive Talk live chat: Teenage pregnancies

SAfAIDS Media Desk, 17 October 2016 (SAfAIDS) - Against the backdrop of many reported cases of teenage pregnancies and abortion, Positive Talk Live chat put up the issue for discussion to bring to light why this trend is increasing at an alarming rate. The discussion aimed to bring out the issues of responsibilities and choices made by young people and the risks associated with indulging in sexual activity.

Strengthening capacity of community leadership to champion HIV response in Swaziland

SAfAIDS in partnership with Khulisa Umntfwana successfully conducted a 2-day training for 30 traditional leaders at ESibayeni Lodge in October 2016. The Traditional Leaders came from 15 chiefdoms in the four regions of Swaziland. SAfAIDS Deputy Director, Khulisa Umntfwana Executive Director and two National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) members also participated the training. 

New device can detect viral load in under 30 minutes

LONDON, 11 November 2016 (AVERT) - Viral load testing may become more accessible to millions of people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa thanks to a new USB testing stick.

Reducing The Impact of HIV Among Adolescent Girls

GENEVA, 11 November 2016 (UNAIDS) - Around 180 young women and adolescent girls from Malawi, Kenya and Uganda have led a pilot project that aims to strengthen the leadership of young women and adolescent girls in the AIDS response. 

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