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Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey 2010-11

The 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (2010-11 ZDHS) presents the major findings of a survey of a large, nationally representative sample of nearly 11,000 households. This survey was conducted by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) from late September 2010 through March 2011. The 2010-11 ZDHS is a follow-up to the 1988, 1994, 1999, and 2005-06 ZDHS surveys and provides updated estimates of basic demographic and health indicators. In contrast with past ZDHS surveys, the 2010-11 ZDHS was carried out using electronic personal digital assistants (PDAs) rather than paper questionnaires for recording responses during interviews. A preliminary report was published in June 2011.


The primary objective of the 2010-11 ZDHS is to provide current information for policymakers, planners, researchers, and programme managers. Topics include fertility levels; nuptiality; sexual activity; fertility preferences; knowledge and use of family planning methods; breastfeeding practices; nutritional status of mothers and young children; early childhood mortality and maternal mortality; maternal and child health; malaria prevention and treatment; awareness and behaviour regarding HIV and other sexually transmitted infections; and domestic violence. Additionally, the 2010-11 ZDHS provides population-based prevalence estimates for anaemia among men, women, and young children and for HIV among women age 15-49 and men age 15-54.


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