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Thematic Focus Areas

Welcome to this section where information covering our core thematic focus areas is grouped.

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Call for Articles

SAfAIDS is part of the Pre-ICASA Youth Front Media and Communications team and is looking for articles to post on the pre-ICASA Youth Front website to educate other young people about sexual reproductive health and rights issues.

“Amai wevana ava varikupi? ” (Where are the mothers of these children)

In the past two weeks the newspapers have been filled with the headlines that reflect a generation that we are failing to understand. Are we the adults falling behind with the times or are we neglecting our children, to allow them to be attacked by the sexual nuances of modern entertainment and at the mercy of child abusers? These headlines include: two boys who were charged with sodomy, 28 children arrested for attending a nude party in Westgate, Harare and the reduction of the age of sexual consent to 12 years old.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Right,“Young people are the solution - not the problem”

SAfAIDS and Centre for Positive Care held a two days workshop from the 30 - 31 March 2015 at CASA Grande conference centre near Brits Town. The workshop was attended by 34 (20 females and 14 males) out of school youth from different farms and villages of Brits town.  The purpose of the workshop was to build capacity of YPiSA on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and HIV prevention.

Swaziland Commemorates World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is globally commemorated every 1st day of the month of December. In Swaziland the 2014 World AIDS Day event was held in Lubombo Region at Siteki sports ground.


Swaziland WAD 2014


The MaxART Consortium information desk during the WAD commemoration event

Swaziland: Giving young people a voice

SAfAIDS in partnership with the Family Life Association implemented a Sexual Reproductive Health ( SRH) national dialogue on Family Planning for young people. The dialogue brought together 30 young people from different organisations working with young people to discuss SRH issues affecting them. The organisations included AMICAALL, Super buddies, Swaziland Young Women’s Network (SYWON), Khulisa umntfwana, Rock of hope, FLAS and SWANNEPHA.

A success story: Surviving Tuberculosis

Masiza Lukhele is an ex-miner who lives in Buseleni - a chiefdom found in Nkwene constituency. He earns a living from keeping poultry in a small scale that helps him keep his family slightly above the poverty datum line. He was diagnosed with TB while working in the dusty tunnels of one of the South African mines. He first enrolled for treatment in Lebanon hospital in the Republic of South Africa and was successful in completing a six months long treatment. During his treatment he was compelled to retire from work.

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