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SAfAIDS works with a Rank Marshall to make public transport safe for the girl child

SAfAIDS - Commuter omnibus crews and Rank Marshalls are often associated with vagarism and thuggish behavior. This is often witnessed in how they carry out their day-to-day duties.  It took Mkhokheli Khumalo attending a SAfAIDS DREAMS Male Mobilizers workshop to commit his life to making his workplace safe for the girl child who boards minibuses and often faces both physical and sexual abuse.

His role is to engage men especially targeting those that are known to have sexual relationships with girls and young women, to play a role a positive role and support girls to reach their potential in life.


Mkhokeli is one of the 60 Male Mobilizers trained by SAfAIDS this far, and together with his colleagues will reach 15 000 men who will make sure that society is safe for the girl child and that men play a greater role in championing their rights. Within the short time that he has been recruited as a Male Mobilizer, Mkhokheli proudly speaks of the difference he is making. “I witness all forms of abuse that is perpetrated on adolescent girls and young women by rank marshals and crews, with some girls even lured into illicit relationships in exchange of a few dollars. I am now engaging my colleagues to stop this abuse and I am happy to say that those I have had discussions with have stopped”.


Through his commitment, Mkhokeli now has links with schools where he serves as a whistle blower whenever he sees in-school adolescent girls misbehaving or being abused. He calls the schools, who will swiftly come to the rescue of the young girls.


 The DREAMS Program is supported by the American People through USAID and PEPFAR