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Fatherhood Clubs-Promoting active fatherhood and positive parenting


Fatherhood Club facilitator from Chiredzi sharing his experiences as a father

 CHIREDZI, 27 January 2017 - SAfAIDS, in partnership with FACT Chiredzi motivated 14 community leaders and fathers drawn from 7 communities in Chiredzi to commit to promoting active fatherhood and positive parenting. Moving away from the acceptable norm where women are often regarded as the home tenderers, men in Chiredzi took it upon themselves to actively participate in the lives of their children and the general household peaceful environment through adopting responsible parenting. The commitment was as a result of the group’s participation in a Fatherhood clubs training of trainers workshop, which will see the trained community leaders and fathers implementing positive parenting sessions through Fatherhood clubs.


The uniqueness of the training methodology made it easy for the participants to realise the importance of their participation in their family’s lives as they were made to first introspect on how they were brought up and how this impacts on how they are bringing up their own children. The participants were able to self-reflect and begin the process of challenging themselves to change, in not only being physically present for their children and families but to also be emotionally engaged. Through the socio-ecological model it was emphasized that change begins with the individual, extending to the family and eventually to the community.



This training forms one of the key project areas under the flagship programme 'Changing the Rivers Flow 4 Young People" which SAfAIDS is implementing in collaboration with Sonke Gender Justice.

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