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Botswana: 'Blessed is the Hand That Gives,' Semele Advises BDF

Gaborone, 6 January 2009, (allAfrica) - On the first day of 2009, patients at Oodi clinic in the Kgatleng District shared some time with a group of Botswana Defence Force soldiers who had gone to donate some food and share some time with the sick. Colonel Kealeboga Thobosi led the group from the Air Defence Unit.

Thobosi explained that the food was not from the BDF but that officers under his unit dug into their pockets to buy the foodstuff.


"This just shows that we are not just these men with guns but citizens and human beings who are faced with every day challenges and we appreciate the fact that fellow country men are faced with the same and need our support," Thobosi said.


"We serve to protect the sovereignty of our nation and this include saving lives in what ever means. If there is need to go to war against anything that threatens our people's lives we would and it is for this reason that we have come up with this idea because we know we can effect change and help those in need of our help," he said.


Thobosi said that the BDF, like other organisations, was concerned about various illnesses ravaging our country saying that although HIV/AIDS was the leading problem, other diseases such as cancer and diabetes were also a source of concern.


"Everybody who is suffering from any illness needs our support. But most importantly, anyone, who is suffering from what ever kind of disease needs to accept his or her status because it becomes easier to cope that way.


"If you are going to worry too much about what people think of you then your pain is going to increase.


You better focus on getting better. We also as the community should give them all the care we need," he said.


Oodi senior Chief's representative, Molebatsi Semele, said having organisations such as the BDF taking part in caring for the sick gave hope that Vision 2016's pillar of a caring nation would be realised.


"Blessed is the hand that gives. The Bible says that and God is looking upon them (BDF) and will help them achieve more. We need men like them who can take that responsibility of helping families and the government in caring for the poor and the sick," Semele said.


He called on individuals and other organisations to follow suit and not only donate during the festive season but at any time when the need arises.


He also told the patients to show appreciation to the gesture in order to encourage more people to come up with assistance.


Source: allAfrica