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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Promoting Universal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in southern Africa

The Maputo Plan of Action (MPoA) is a framework for implementing the African Union’s Continental Policy Framework for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.It is a short term plan built on nine areas;

  • Integration of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services into primary health care,
  • Repositioning family planning,
  • Developing and promoting youth friendly services,
  • Unsafe abortion
  • Quality safe motherhood
  • Resource mobilization
  • Commodity security and
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

The Maputo Plan of Action developed in September 2006, endorsed in January 2007 has now been endorsed by more than 48 countries. The MPOA was intended to be a roadmap for member states in achieving the AU policy framework for promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Africa. It calls for a redoubling of efforts to attain universal access to sexual and reproductive health in all African countires by 2015. While some countries have taken their committment seriously, others are lagging behind. Throughout Africa, we face situation where:

  • Girls and women continue to lack control over matters related to their sexuality and sexual health and rights.
  • Sexual and reproductive ill-health accounts for almost one third of the global burden of disease among women of reproductive age.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest infant mortality rate coupled with the lowest rate in contraceptive use in the world (19%)
  • 4.2 million unsafe abortions occur in Africa every year, causing 30% of all maternal deaths in the continent and taking 90 women’s lives every day.
  • 2007, the number of new HIV infections was 2.5 times higher than the increase in the number of people receiving antiretroviral
  • Sexual and reproductive health information, education and services should be widely available and affordable for all. Yet too often they remain inaccessible.

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