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How the African Union Youth Volunteers are Making a Difference

“The AU Youth Volunteer Corps is a continental development program that recruits and works with youth volunteers, for deployment in all 54 countries across the Union.”

SAfAIDS & K4Health Traditional Leaders eForum Discussion Summary

eForum Discussion Summary

The role of Traditional Leaders in the prevention of HIV and Gender-based Violence

14-18 May



Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV Prevention: SAfAIDS How-To-Card

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV Prevention: SAfAIDS How-To-Card


This How-To-Card highlights a continuing need for prevention. Prevention methods such as Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) hold much promise for southern Africa. Working in synergy with current prevention strategies, PEP has a potential to prevent infection among a number of key groups. It represents an additional prevention tool to strenghten southern Africa's HIV prevention efforts.


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Enhancing Good Practice Documentation with Digital Storytelling: A Reference Manual for Empowering Community-Based Organisations and Communities around HIV and Gender, SAfAIDS & Women'sNet, 2012

This reference manual was developed jointly by SAfAIDS and Women’sNet, with support from Oxfam Canada, to provide a step-by-step manual for using digital storytelling as an innovative addition to the range of tools that can be used to document and communicate good practices.

Putting LGBTI on the Agenda of HIV and AIDS Programming in Africa: Policy Brief, SAfAIDS

Although the impact of HIV and AIDS on the general population in Africa is well-documented, little research has been conducted to establish the role of same-sex HIV transmission in Africa. Studies conducted in Senegal, Ghana and Kenya indicate significantly higher HIV seroprevalence rates amongst men who have sex with men than in the general population (Cary Johnson, 2007). Far less research has been done to establish the impact of HIV and AIDS on lesbians. Recent studies are indicating that the majority of African men who have sex with men also have sex with women - two thirds or higher, according to some studies (Onyango-Ouma, Biringi & Geibel, 2005; Wade et al., 2005; Angala et al.,
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