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Discussion Forums

SAfAIDS’ bi-monthly discussion forum highlights topical issues concerning HIV and AIDS. Its main purpose is to hold brief yet concise discussions and, if possible, formulate conclusions or recommendations for further action. The Forum comprises people from diverse backgrounds such as university researchers, NGOs, ASOs, Government, and persons living with HIV and AIDS.


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SAfAIDS & K4Health Traditional Leaders eForum Discussion Summary

eForum Discussion Summary

The role of Traditional Leaders in the prevention of HIV and Gender-based Violence

14-18 May



Addressing Multiple Concurrent Partnerships Discussion Forum: 19 August 2009

SAfAIDS hosted discussion forum (DF) for government, civil society, the media and traditional leaders under the theme "Addressing Multiple Concurrent Partnerships." The DF took place at the Rainbow Towers (Harare) on the 19th of August from 8:30am to

Children and Antiretroviral Therapy Discussion Forum: 23 July 2008

SAfAIDS held a Discussion Forum on Children and ART on the 23rd of July 2008 at the Jameson Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe

“HIV and TB Co-infection: A Deadly Marriage” - SAfAIDS Discussion Forum (21 May 2008)

21 May 2008 14:00
21 May 2008 16:00

The purpose of the DF is to review the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare's position/policy in relation to TB infection and its co-existence with HIV.

Using the Law to address HIV and AIDS related Stigma and Discrimination - SAfAIDS Discussion Forum

On Friday 30 March 2007, SAfAIDS held a discussion forum entitled, "Using the law to address HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination".

28 June 2006- 'Clinical trials: Who really benefits?'

Medical research in the field of HIV and AIDS has been of material relevance in prevention and treatment, from the time the disease was discovered in the 1980's to the present day.

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