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Swaziland ART Policy Dialogue 2

Attendive APD Participants

The aim of this report is to outline the proceedings of the second ART Policy Dialogue (APD), which was held at the National HIV and AIDS Information Centre (NERCHA/SAfAIDS) in Manzini, Swaziland on the 17th of July 2007. The second APD was informed by the initial APD hence the theme "Nutrition, Herbs and ART: How can This Critical Linkage Be Supported By Policy?" Participants included representatives from the six SAfAIDS implementing partners, community based organisations, PLWHA, representatives from MOHSW, media houses, UN agencies, USG to mention but a few.








1. Background


2. Introduction

2.1 Participants Profile

2.2 Opening Remarks & Setting the Pace

2.3 Dialogue Program Overview


3. Presentation Overviews


3.1 Government Perspectives on the Nutrition and Food Security Policy and Guidelines


3.2 Are Nutrition Security and the use of Herbs complementing PLHIV's accessibility & adherence to ART and other care and treatment options?


3.3 Health Care Service Provider Perspectives - How are Nutrition/Herbs Therapies influencing rollout of the ART program?


3.4 What is the role of Traditional & Herbal Medicine in HIV and AIDS treatment in Swaziland?


4. Discussion Highlights


5. Recommendations


6. Closing



Annex I: APD program

Annex II: APD Participants Details


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