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Swaziland Antiretroviral Therapy Policy Dialogue (APD) Report

This report seeks to summarise the proceedings of, and share outcomes from, the ART Policy Dialogue (APD) that was held at the National HIV and AIDS Information and Training Centre in Swaziland, Manzini on the 16th May, 2007. The theme was "Access to ARVs: How free is free for all?" It drew participants from PLHIV groups, MOHSW representatives, community based organisations and groups, civil society, community health care service providers, USG and Global fund partners, members of the media fraternity, UN agencies and other bi- and multi-lateral organisations in the Kingdom of Swaziland.








1. Background


2. Introduction

2.1 Participants Profile

2.2 Opening Remarks & Setting the Pace

2.3 Dialogue Program Overview


3. Presentation Overviews


3.1 Perspectives on the Swazi ART Policy


3.2 Voice of Swazi PLHIV on ART Policy Translation into Practice


3.3 Swazi Women Living Positively with HIV: Special Requirements


3.4 Views of the Community Health Care Service Provider


4. Discussion Highlights


5. Recommendations


6. Closing



Annex I: APD program

Annex II: APD Participants Details



SWAZi APD 1 Report.pdf1.31 MB