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Useful Websites

AIDS Law Project
Includes an AIDS Resource Centre with a range of publications, research papers and press releases from the AIDS Law Project


The Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders on HIV/AIDS in Africa
Mayors and municipal leaders can be a vital link between the local and the national. They sit at the crossroads between national and local decision-making and policy formulation. Local authorities, working in partnership with civil society organizations and local communities, can make a significant contribution to scaling up and sustaining effective responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.



has redesigned their website to coincide with the 2003 U.S. Santana Shaman Tour. Carlos and Deborah Santana have generously pledged the entire net proceeds of the 2003 U.S. Santana Shaman Tour to Artists for a New South Africa's Amandla AIDS Fund, which provides grants to South African organizations working on the frontlines to combat AIDS. The Tour is also being used as a vehicle to educate concertgoers about the global AIDS pandemic and the work of Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA)



AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa

Established in 2002, the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) is a regional partnership of non-governmental organisations working together to promote a human rights approach to HIV/AIDS and TB in Southern Africa through capacity building and advocacy. It is constituted in the form of a trust and all partner organisations are members of the trust. Three steering committees, comprising trust members, act as advisory boards for the three ARASA programme areas: training and awareness raising, advocacy and lobbying and regional treatment literacy and advocacy. 


Centre for African Family Studies
Provides access to new publications, tool kits and information about programmes and training courses. 


Clearing House Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention

The Clearinghouse on Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention ( is a collaborative effort to generate and share information resources with the international public health community, civil society groups, health policy makers, and programme managers.


College of Venereal Disease Prevention
The College of Venereal Disease Prevention is a UK college that provides distance learning a taught courses on HIV/AIDS and STD prevention.


CORE Initiative

Is a USAID-funded global program designed to enhance the response of community and faith-based leaders and institutions to the causes and consequences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


Family Health International
Gives details of FHI programmes on HIV/AIDS, family planning, reproductive health and women studies. FHI publications are provided


Gender and AIDS
The Web Portal for Gender and HIV/AIDS.


Global Camps Africa 

The camp program is part education, part HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and part crucial life skills all wrapped up in a spirit of fun and camaraderie. Six 10-day camps are held each year. Boys' and girls' camps alternate, bringing together 130 children each time and 30-35 counselors. The children range from 10-15 years of age and currently are largely from the Soweto area.


Global HIV M&E Web Portal 

The webportal is a powerful ‘one-stop-shop' for information and resources on the M&E of the AIDS epidemic and response. It is a way for you and other M&E professionals to gain exposure to exciting new M&E information, as well as share your own work with the global M&E community. 


Health Systems Trust
Provides information about Healthlink project with a list of websites relevant to HIV/AIDS/STIs


Health and Development Networks (HDN)
HDN is a leading facilitator of information, dialogue and advocacy approaches on HIV and TB. Established as an Irish non-profit organization in 1998 and as a Thai Foundation in 2003, HDN is known for its independent role in ensuring civil society perspectives, priorities and needs are given the attention they deserve. Underpinning all of HDN’s work is the mantra ‘Speak Your World’, which focuses on increasing the voices of those least able to to speak out, including those of marginalized/isolated groups, communities and individuals affected by HIV and TB. Working with and supporting broader civil society in this way is central to the organization’s work.  HDN is headquartered in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Project works to engage the US health professional community in the international advocacy and education effort to stop the global AIDS pandemic
Hesperian Foundation
The Hesperian Foundation is a non-profit publisher of books and newsletters for community-based health care. Our first book, Where there is no doctor, is considered to be one of the most accessible and widely used community health books in the world. Simply written and heavily illustrated, Hesperian books are designed so that people with little formal education can understand, apply and share health information. Developed collaboratively with health workers and community members from around the world, our books and newsletters address the underlying social, political, and economic causes of poor health and suggest ways groups can organize to improve health conditions in their communities. In addition, Hesperian relies on a multi-faceted distribution strategy to ensure our materials reach those who need them most. (
The toolkit comprise of interactive modules that will assist countries in operationalising the UNAIDS policy and programmatic guidance on HIV Prevention. The interactive module is based on the programme cycle in the UNAIDS Practical Guidelines for Intensifying HIV prevention: Towards Universal Access. The toolkit will serve as a one stop shop for available and relevant technical and policy tools/ resources that policy makers and civil society can draw upon according to their specific needs to strengthen planning, implementation and monitoring of their HIV Prevention programmes.  
Johns Hopkins University- Center for Communication Programs
Provides news, press releases and a searchable archive of publications on HIV/AIDS and other health issues. Contains a press room and database with downloadable photos
InteragencyYouthWorkingGroup: Resources on Youth Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS
The Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG), formed in 2006, is sponsoring this Web site as part of its mission to provide global technical leadership to advance the reproductive health and HIV/AIDS outcomes of young people ages 10-24 in developing countries. Below is more information about the IYWG, partner organizations involved with the IYWG, our meetings, and our publications. We welcome your input on this Web site and our activities.For more information, contact us at
International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP)
The International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP) at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health supports high-quality, HIV-related activities around the world. ICAP's three main focus areas are: service delivery, training, and research. ICAP works with host countries and other organizations, principally in sub-Saharan Africa, to build capacity for family-focused HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs. ICAP programs are funded by a variety of sources, including foundations and the United States government.
The mission of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance is to support communities to reduce the spread of HIV and to meet the challenges of AIDS. We are working to prevent HIV infection; improve access to HIV treatment, care and support; and lessen the impact of HIV and AIDS worldwide, particularly among the most vulnerable and marginalised.  
International Labour Organisation (ILO)
The International Labour Organization is a cosponsor of UNAIDS and works closely with other UN agencies, national AIDS coordinating bodies, and community-based organizations. The ILO has a key role to play in preventing the spread of the AIDS epidemic and mitigating its impact in the world of work. The ILO's global Programme on HIV/AIDS was launched in November 2000, and their new website is now up and running at For more information, please contact Susan Leather at
INTRAC is a non-profit organisation working in the international development and relief sector. We support non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs) around the world by helping to explore policy issues, and by strengthening management and organisational effectiveness. Find out more about how we do this.
International Planned Parenthood Federation
Describes IPPFs activities, upcoming courses, and publications. The site provides international news on sexual and reproductive health issues
IRIN plus News
UN Humanitarian effort to bring HIV/AIDS News to your desktop
KZN AIDS LINK is a new networking site being set up on the Internet to promote communication and serve the interests of all those involved in not-for-profit HIV/AIDS work in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mandate the Future

Awebsite focusing on Internet communication and development, with a particular focus on youth. Publications, and informative materials available. This website hosts a chat room


Margaret Sanger Centre International South Africa (MSCISA)
An organisation dedicated to excellence in sexual and reproductive health. MSCISA provides technical assistance in order to build capacity and strengthen the delivery of reproductive health services and education for women, men and adolescents in SADC region.
Medical News Today is owned by MediLexicon International Ltd with head offices in the United Kingdom. It is the largest independent health and medical news website on the Internet. 

Mentor Foundation organization
The global website on drug and misuse prevention building the global drug misuse prevention community


OneLove Regional Campaign

OneLove is a unique campaign that began rolling out across southern Africa in October 2008. The campaign aims to get us thinking and talking about our sexual behaviour in this time of HIV and AIDS. OneLove is for all of us - individuals, couples, community leaders, religious leaders, traditional leaders and policy-makers. You can take part in the campaign by commenting on the articles, joining our discussion board and sharing knowledge gained  from this site with your friends, family and community. OneLove is happening in Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe . To find out more about in-country programmes and partners, click the country name in the menu on the right.


Describes Panos' mandate and activities. Publications are available on the website.


Population Reference Bureau
If you are interested in latest research in population and health then this is your site.Browse through hundreds of recently published reports by btoipc ,country region,and langage.



Progressio is an international development charity working for justice and the eradication of poverty.  Our approach combines advocacy work to secure equitable policies with the strengthening of community-based organisations that represent the interests of the poor and improve their quality of life (see our core values).


Save the Children UK
Save the Children exists to do just that - save children. We're working flat-out to right the fundamental wrongs that affect children. Too many children are still dying because they haven't got enough food or because they can't get treatment for simple illnesses. Millions aren't getting an education and are being exploited and abused. This is not good enough. We're changing this, partly by working directly with children, and partly by using our experience and influence to persuade governments and others who are responsible for children to do the right thing by them.
HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Human Rights
Sonke Gender Justice Network works across Africa to strengthen government, civil society and citizen capacity to support men and boys to take action to: promote gender equality; prevent domestic and sexual violence, and reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS.


Soul Beat Africa
A web-based information-sharing initiative about using communication for development and social change across Africa. Includes summaries of programme experiences, materials, evaluations, research, events and training opportunities, awards/funding, links and e-newsletters, submitted from organisations and individuals across the continent and the world. Its free fortnightly e-newsletter, The Soul Beat, highlights information summarised on the website.For more information:



Treatment Access and Literacy Campaign for ZambiaThe Program for the Collaboration Against AIDS This site is an important tool for creating global awareness and response to the HIV/AIDS

The world is alarmed about the global spread of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. This situation has created a global crisis that requires an urgent global response For more click here


Regional AIDS Training Network
includes course calendar, application forms and newsletter


Gives an overview of UNAIDS. The site contains press releases, information on conferences, Best Practice documents, technical updates, case studies and key UNAIDS publications.


UNESCO Harare Cluster Newsletter on EDUCAIDS
EDUCAIDS -Global Initiative on HIV/AIDS and education is one of the three UNESCO core initiatives for support to the achievement of EFA goals. The UNESCO Harare Cluster Newsletter on EDUCAIDS aims at facilitating exchange of information between countries and institutions covered by Harare Cluster office. For more information:


UN Special Envoy for HIV & AIDS in Africa

The Special Envoys of the United Nations Secretary-General for AIDS are individuals specially selected by the United Nations Secretary-General to help advance the AIDS agenda in the regions they cover.  Their role is to advance the AIDS agenda on a global level and ensure that AIDS is kept high as a political priority within their respective regions of responsibility and operation.


Youth Against AIDS
A website for young people interested in preventing HIV and AIDS in Africa

Desperately looking for a local expert on AIDS to interview on short deadline? At a loss about where to find AIDS support groups? This is a partial list of organisations that will either provide information or refer you to experts.