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International AIDS Conference opens in Melbourne

Melbourne, 21 July 2014 (SAfAIDS Media Desk) - The International AIDS Conference opened in Melbourne, Australia amid a somber atmosphere as delegates honored 6 scientists who perished in the ill-fated Malaysian flight. Running under the theme, Stepping Up the Pace, the conference opened with high hopes of ending AIDS.

Empowered Mothers Nurture Healthy Families!!

SAfAIDS Media Desk, 15 July 2014 - Over 1 400 women of child bearing age were reached out during Our Baby Our Future campaigns that were recently held in Gwanda district. Over the past few years, a significant increase in pregnancies amongst women living with HIV has been recorded. The country however has not yet undertaken comprehensive studies to determine the key drivers of these increasing pregnancies amongst women living with HIV.

Looking to Africa's LDCs to Learn How to Save the Lives of Millions of Mothers and Their Babies

JOHANNESBURG, 2 July 2014 (allAfrica) - Every year, three million newborn babies and almost 6.6 million children under five die globally, but if the rest of the world looked towards the examples of two of Africa's least-developed countries (LDCs), Rwanda and Ethiopia, they would perhaps be able to save these children.

Women Leaders in African Churches Reflect On HIV and AIDS

NAIROBI, 2 July 2014 (allAfrica) - Early struggles in developing a response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic were remembered by African women church leaders who gathered in Nairobi, Kenya to celebrate more than 30 years of their Christian ministry in the churches of their region.

Four babies born with HIV ‘cured’, fuelling hopes of AIDS vaccine

MELBOURNE, 1 July 2014 (Heraldsun) -  Details of the Canadian cases will be discussed at an AIDS conference in Melbourne this month. Breakthroughs in the quest for an AIDS vaccine, the fight to cure people living with HIV of co-infections such as hepatitis C and tuberculosis, and the impact of discriminatory policies in other nations are also expected to announced.

Accessing Palliative Care and HIV services- a human right

CHIMOIO, 23 June 2014 (SAfAIDS Media Desk) - Very little is known in Africa about the concept of palliative care and only a few people know they have the right to access palliative care services. It is in this vein that SAfAIDS in partnership with African Palliative Care Association (APCA) embarked on a mission to build the capacity of Poverty Elimination Network (PORENet) based in Chimoio to advocate for access to

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